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Crump, Bobby Assistant Principal
Johnson, Janet
Cranford, Candice Counselor

Anderson, Bob Distance Learning Lab Teacher and ACCESS Facilitator
Beegle, David Science
Bischoff, Wendi Math Teacher-Pre-AP Geometry, Geometry and Discrete Math
Clayton, Amy SPED Small Group Setting Teacher 7-12/SPED Homebound Teacher
Creel, Jessica Ashville High School Band Director
Forbes, Cecily English Language Arts
Gibson, Sharron MathTeacher-AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Algebra 2 with Trig, Algebra A, DE Pre-Calculus
Gramling, Joni Art
Hazelwood, Tammy Media Specialist
Mattison, Mara
McCarthy, Kristi Mathematics
Monroe, Brenton Drivers Education/Health Teacher
Murphree, David social studies
Smith, Holli English Teacher - PreAP 9 & 10, AP Language, AP Literature
Warren, Heather AP Environmental Science, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Earth and Space Science, Chemistry, and Environmental Science
Whitten, Terri Office
Wilson, Nick Social Studies & Athletic Media
Wood, Kenneth Science Teacher

Echols, Lisa Special Education Instrustional Assistant
Mattison, Denise 10
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